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Why i do what i do

WHY I’m doing all of this?

Gautier Jaza

Gautier Jaza: the garments manufactured under this label, their designs are much cleaner, even avant-gardiste, couture, haute-couture tailor made and so on.


Vigonace: Under this label, the garments i manufacture are more experimental from basics as T-shirts to very unique designs as Coats.

Fast Fashion – Why buy new when tomorrow on sale

Wir leben in einer riesen Fashion-Blase, nicht nur die Immobilienbranche oder Finanzbranche ist betroffen. Wir brauchen nur in einem Shopping-Mall herein zu spazieren.

Ethical brands and their social impact

What makes a brand, an ethical one? When does a brand has a social impact? Those are questions going through my mind right now. Are they just marketing strategies, to


Wieso Gautier Jaza - Das Label & Vigonace in Deutschland gefertigt werden? Wer die Umständen in Asien oder in Osteuropa und teilweise in Portugal kennt, würde sich diese Frage nicht

Ups and Downs

Sometimes, i really feel empty…only doing what i love keeps me going. It happens mostly when i’m having difficulties on a design. The complexity of the process is exhausting. While

The freedom of making my own mistakes

It took over 2 years before i could make any samples of mine. You can have a lot of ideas in your head, but when you actually make a sample

Real happiness

We’ve all said it to ourselves and maybe still do: „I’ll do it tomorrow“, „When i’m ready, i’ll start.“ Well that’s how it turns out to be with happiness. Real

My mistakes have made me worldly and strong

– Ganz gleich, welches Hindernis sich einem entgegenstellt, man kann es immer überwinden. – Um Erfolg zu haben, braucht man oft nur eine einzige Chance. Und die richtige Einstellung, und