Ups and Downs

Sometimes, i really feel empty…only doing what i love keeps me going.

It happens mostly when i’m having difficulties on a design. The complexity of the process is exhausting. While designing and drafting the pattern, i have to think about how to manufacture, construct the garment in a rational and rentable way, using the means i have, the machines i have.

You have to realize that fast fashion or the labels that outsource, work with companies that are specialized and have many years of experience, which i dunt. I’m a start up. Most of this companies are located in Asia, some few im East Europe and some others in West Europe as Portugal, where the labor is cheap.

Those companies have special machines and most of the time they manufacture only on type of garment and type of fabrics. Which make sence, they specialize to be and stay competitive.

As for me, i have to make things work, gather my own experience and that is crafting my style, making it unique, one of a kind.

So when you have one of my products, you are wearing, living with and in them, be proud. It is authentic, it is a style, my style. Just as unique as you are as an individual.